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Useful French websites:

Year 3: This is their 1st year of French and should look at Year 3 sections of websites.

Year 4 : are  working on their 2nd year of French so should focus on Year 3 for consolidation.

Year 5 : are now in their 3rd year of French so should focus on Years 3 and 4 for consolidation.

Year 6 : are now in their 4th year of French so should focus on Years 3, 4 and 5 for consolidation.

(see below for an update of French topics covered in each year group) 

For bi-lingual children: please explore all year groups!


Greetings and Instructions vocab:

FRENCH at Woodingdean....

French is taught weekly in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The lessons are practical and fun and are mostly based on the Ch√Ęteau Rigolo and the i-languages Primary French Schemes. These both support the requirements of the new 2014 Languages Programme of Study in Key Stage 2. 

The children also learn a variety of songs and rhymes to help them with new vocabulary, do wordsearches and dictionary work and look at French texts such as 'Va-t-en Grand Monstre Vert!' and 'La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous.'

The multi-media based resources we use ensures that active learning and independent thinking are promoted and children are motivated to practise their skills in a variety of ways such as through stories, songs and interactive games.

As the children progress they develop their skills in listening to, reading, writing and speaking French. 





The Year 2  French Club, which ran for 5 sessions after May half-term, was a huge success. The children got the chance to learn some songs, count to 10, play games and watch videos..... all in French!

A great start for Year 3......

C'est fantastique! 

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