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What is a School Council?

Our school council is a very important group of children made up of representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6.  Every year the classes all take a vote on who they would like to represent their views and opinions and help play a part in how our school is run and how decisions are made.  It is a very important role that requires commitment and willingness to take part, speak up and represent other children.

The school council members meet every week for a short meeting where items are discussed and decisions made.  There are times when the school council members need to take questions or votes back to the children in their class and time is given for this.  The school council is the voice of the children.

Who are our Junior School Council members?

Year 3: Oliver & Roxie

Year 4: Erin & Maria 

Year 5: Mason & Mollie

Year 6: Alfie & Reem

Who are our Infant School Council members?

Year 1: Jared & Lottie

Year 2: Alfie & Nicholas

Projects 2016 / 2017

Allotment Area, gardens and planters

Front Field Trim Trail

Back Field Shades

Outdoor Learning Area

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