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Ozzy’s Blog 

Guess what I found on my walk this morning? Oh dear, oh no it’s a ……

Gruffalo!! Fast asleep. I decided not to wake him. I hope the Big Bad Mouse doesn’t find him first though!

Anyway, it’s been another busy week in the life of a Reading Dog. I have been thrilled to bits that the children who have been practicing their reading at home have been coming out to read to me on my HOT SEAT. It has been great and in fact, I have been told that lots of children want to read to me and so they are reading more at home to get their slips in the box, hoping to be the next lucky winners.

Here are last week’s winners and this week 2 lucky children not only read to me but took me for a lovely walk too. It’s no wonder that I’m always skipping into school these days.



Dog Blog

Well, I can’t believe another half term has gone by so quickly. What will snow, fog, rain and freezing cold mornings, I was over the moon to see some spring flowers on my walk this morning.


I’m definitely looking forward to a well-earned rest. I think the big humans are feeling the same. I thought I actually saw one walking around with their eyes closed today! Even the little humans who are normally so full of beans seem a bit quieter than normal.

Well after the break they’ll be bouncing in full of enthusiasm and ready to read me some fab stories when we start doing Ozzy’s Hot Seat in Years 1 and 2. I CAN’T WAIT! I’ll let you know who gets to go in the hot seats and read to me first  after the break.

Happy holidays everyone. Keep warm!



Dog Blog 9                                                                                    

I am so delighted that finally the school has got a tree for me to sniff around. A very strange tree I might add with loads of shiny things on?? Anyway, when I went to get a closer look I noticed some interesting boxes underneath.

I was just raising my leg in the usual way and my owner blew up. ‘NOOOOOO OZZY!!’ she screamed at me. Well I’m really confused now! What’s a tree for if it’s not for that???? It is so hard working out how these humans work and what a dog is supposed to do. I wish there was some sort of rule book.    Another odd thing this week was going on in the room belonging to the lovely big human who always throws the ball for me on the field every Friday. My owner and I walked in to listen to some stories and it was just like night time in there. All the lights were out and the only light was coming from a huge fire burning at the front of the room (although it didn’t seem very hot) and some little sparkly coloured lights. All the little humans were reading stories to their big humans by torchlight. It was really magical and the stories were so well read. I could have stayed in there all day.

Anyway, my owner tells me that it is only a few more sleeps until something called ‘Christmas’. She suggested I write a letter to a man in a red suit with a liking for mince pies and tell him what toys and bones I would like. I’ve also got to tell him how I’ve been soooooo good this year helping the small humans with their reading. Paws crossed he gets my letter in time and he brings me some nice treats. And what about you? Have you written your letters? Better get writing now in order to catch the last post. Happy Christmas to all my friends

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Ozzy x



Dog Blog 8                                                                                

I have had an interesting week this week.  Alongside all the usual fun and games and brilliant stories I have been hearing, something very odd happened.

We were reading away. I was particularly gripped by Cameron reading a lovely story about this really naughty cat called Kitty Cat. In the story it was a really cold day and Kitty Cat had decided that she really didn’t want to go outside and preferred to stay in the warm. Well, I could totally relate to that! I know some of our small humans could too, especially when they forget to put their winter coats on (I’m alright on that front however because mine doesn’t come off!). Well, this Kitty Cat decided to get up to all sorts of naughty tricks so obviously, her owner was going to get fed up with her and make her go outside. We had just got to the bit where she was being sent out in the cold when this

really loud bell went off. Suddenly we were off and so were the rest of the school it seemed. The bell kept ringing and ringing and even when we were out the door it kept on. All the little humans were coming out quickly in long lines. Nobody was talking which was really strange! When we got out on the field it was very serious. So much so, I started to worry and had a little bark but my owner seemed relaxed and reassured me. Then, no sooner had everyone come out, we were going back in again. It was very odd. I hope someone will explain it all to me but I was just happy to be going back into the warm and to find out what happened to Kitty Cat.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Dog Blog 7

This week has been my favourite so far. The little humans I am helping have made so much progress and the stories they are reading just get better and better. This week we had a great one about this dog called Scruffy. My owner said she liked it because she said he looks just like me! Not sure what she means. Anyway, he has to do these tricks and he gets them all wrong. That’s where we differ. I get all my tricks right first time, especially the ‘high-fiving’. I am a complete expert at that.

At the Reading Hub this week, it was brilliant to listen in to the great reading modelled by the Reading Ambassadors. The smaller humans really enjoyed listening to the stories as much as I did. And then when they got to read to the Ambassadors, it was great as they felt so proud of how good their reading had got. I was proud of them all too. They are working so hard.

But I hear we are not at school next week?? This is not my usual routine?? What will I do in the mornings now?? Well, I’m sure my owner has a few things lined up for me and I hope your owners have some fun things for you to do too. Have a lovely week everyone.


Dog Blog 6

Is it Friday already? Wow, this week went in a flash.

I have really been enjoying some work the little humans have been doing at home and bringing in to show me. I didn’t realise that after they have done all that brilliant reading and writing in school with me, they go off to their kennels and do even more at home! I think that must be because they are starting to love reading and writing as much as I do.

I loved this one about me

and this one

I’m really very fond of reading about myself and seeing pictures so please feel free to bring more pictures and stories about me to school. If you give them to my owner, Mrs Coleman, she will show me.                                    

I was so impressed with all this extra-curricular activity that I thought I would do some myself at home last night. Not sure why my owner was less than pleased with the nice new hole in the lawn!                      Have a happy weekend people. There’s just one more fun-filled learning week until big snooze time.   Ozzy


Dog Blog 5

It has been a very good week for listening to stories. My favourites this week have been the stories written about me by my little friends who I see every day. Yes, I am in print! Finally! I knew it was only a matter of time until someone realised I was special enough to write a story about. I love looking at the pictures and they have been showing me how the words match the pictures. The stories tell all my secrets, like what I do in my spare time, what I was like as a puppy and some of my slightly naughty antics (oops!!). They will be on display in the infant corridor if you want to take a look at them.As well as the four amazing little humans who come into ‘my’ room every day to read and write, I have been getting out and about and listening to stories read by a whole load of other, not so little, humans.

My owner took me along to The Reading Hub this Tuesday lunchtime. It was brilliant! There were so many little humans of all sizes and they were reading to each other. The bigger ones, who were clearly expert readers like me, were reading stories to the smaller ones. Then the smaller ones were reading stories to them. We were all so engrossed, we nearly forgot to have lunch and that is NOT like me!

I have also been listening to the little humans reading to our Reading Bugs volunteers. There are some great story-tellers there too. So many stories and so little time!!Have a lovely weekend everyone. Hope this lovely weather continues and I get some long woodland walks. Have a good rest and happy reading


Dog Blog 4

It has been another lovely week in my new job. On Tuesday, I had the important task of helping my owner check out the new potential Reading Ambassadors. They have a very important job in the school apparently. They have to share the secret that reading is the most amazing fun thing to do. I’m obviously in on this secret, being “The Reading Dog” but apparently there are some little humans who aren’t. They were a great bunch and seemed to love me, giving me heaps of attention. It’s a hard life!!! Anyway, they will demonstrate their skills when The Reading Hub starts next week. I am really looking forward to that.

I noticed this week how busy the big humans are. They are always dashing here, there and everywhere. It makes my head spin. But thankfully, they always seems to have a minute to slow down and give me a good fuss. I heard one of them say yesterday “when’s that dog going to learn how to use the photocopier?”. Not sure what that means but hopefully someone will show me soon as I’m always keen to help as you know.

Anyway, happy weekend people. It’s another busy week over and time for some snoozing at last and snuggling up with a good book. My favourite. Hooray!



Dog Blog 3

Week 2 and I’m really getting used to the ropes round here. It is exhausting but I am getting to meet so many great children and listening to some brilliant stories. I really loved Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell this week. It’s all about this person who wants a pet and gets sent all these other animals from the zoo. Mad pets like elephants and monkeys but in the end they choose…..guess what?? Yep, that’s right, A DOG!! Excellent choice I say.

Then they were reading me the story Hairy McClary from Donaldson’s Dairy. Hilarious. All these dogs scared of a cat. Mind you, I can take them or leave them after a quite traumatic experience I had with a mother cat and her kittens when I was a puppy. I like to approach with caution!

This was me as a puppy. I was a bit of a handful and liked chewing things. I think I got through a couple of phones, a set of speakers and a sofa!! Ooops. I wouldn’t do that now. That’s kids stuff. I am a sensible, mature dog with responsibilities. Did you know that although I’m five in human years, I’m actually 35 in dog years!! Nearly as old as that Head Teacher guy (not quite). Happy weekend everyone. No chewing up household objects!!

Dog Blog 2

I am now officially a working dog! I feel very important and have certainly been getting lots of attention and praise. I’ll have to be careful not to let it go to my head. This important role comes with responsibility. I realise now that I have a very special job to do.  I have to admit, it has been quite exhausting trying to concentrate and stay awake while all these lovely children have been coming into ‘My Room’ to read to me. Luckily, they have read some great stories and I’ve been really enjoying them so that helped me stay awake. I’m just so used to snoozing in the mornings. I hope I manage to keep it up.

On Monday Archie and Macy also came at break-time and took me and my owner for a lovely walk around this enormous field. There were so many new smells. I was really getting into a good sniffing session when they started to run ahead. A game!! Of course, it goes without saying that I wanted to join in the game and run too. They soon learnt that if they walked calmly, I would copy them and walk calmly too. That gave me loads more time to sniff all the delicious smells. What a lovely walk. Thanks guys. I’m hoping some other lovely children might take us next week. Paws crossed! I’m looking forward to a good rest this weekend. Hope you have one too!


Hello, I ‘m Ozzy. This is me.  I’m a Cockerpoo. Apparently, that is a mixture of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle and means that I got the best bits from both types of dog. Haha! Handsome aren’t I? This is me now. I’m 5 and on my 5th birthday I started Woodingdean Primary. The same as you guys in a way. But I had a special job to do. I was going to be a Reading Dog.

It was all a bit new to me this coming to school business. On my 5th birthday I got up as usual, jumped on my owner to wake her up, as usual.  When she finally got up and ambled down the stairs to make breakfast, I gobbled it down as usual and then barked excitedly before she took me for my usual post-breakfast walk in the woods. I chased my ball as usual, sniffed a couple of other dogs bottoms as usual (just being friendly), left a little present for my owner to pick up as usual and cocked my leg up a few trees.

We got home and I was just about to get my head down after the walk…as usual, when I was bundled into the car instead. Well, this was definitely not usual!!!

Anyway, after a short drive, she parked the car and got me out. At this point I realised that there would be no getting my head down for my usual morning nap today. We then headed towards this huge building. I have to confess, I was a little nervous. I was out of my routine and really did not know what to expect. When we entered the building, it immediately felt like I was somewhere warm and friendly and I started to relax a bit. Lots of humans everywhere but it was calm and they all seemed really nice. Some were enormous and some were small like me. But nearly all of them stopped to say hello. Some even bent down and gave my ears a tickle. I was glad they asked my owner first though as I may have thought they were reaching down to attack me. You never know when you are somewhere new whether people are friendly or not. Until you get to know them, you have to be on guard. But they were lovely and we chatted and they petted me gently and I felt I had died and gone to heaven!

Eventually she dragged me away and reluctantly I followed.  We were off to meet more little humans. I could grow to like this.  She showed me this small, quiet room full of books. I love books and stories. I have grown up with them so I felt I was home. There was a comfy cushion with my very own tatty blanket on under a large table. She showed me some pictures and told me ‘Ozzy, this is your home in the day now and this will be your job’

Well, I was excited and nervous all at the same time. This was going to be a huge doggy adventure. Watch this space to find out more. I will be starting school properly on Monday 12th September.

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